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          Punta Gorda Isles Dive Club
          Constitution & Bylaws

Adopted 6/17/2010


Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the Punta Gorda Isles Dive Club.

Section 1: For the preservation, support, and promotion of the sport of SCUBA diving and its various forms of allied activities.
Section 2: To dedicate ourselves to the advancement of the sport together with sound conservation, good sportsmanship, and cooperation with federal, state, and local agencies, as well as other worthwhile groups and projects.
Section 3: To promote fellowship among underwater sportsmen by sponsoring contests, outings, and other educational, social and recreational programs.
Section 4: To obtain information on new diving equipment so as to inform our membership on the merits of said new equipment.
Section 5: This organization shall be non-profit.

Section 1: Membership is open to any person, over the age of eighteen (18) years, and a member in good standing of the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association, who will abide by the laws of the organization and who expresses a desire and willingness to be dedicated to the purpose herein stated.
Section 2: Regular membership shall be limited to all persons applying for membership after the date of ratification of this constitution. Regular membership will be entitled to one vote each and to any and all other rights and privileges according to Bylaws provided they are not in arrears in their dues as specified in Article X, Section 3.
Section 3: Honorary membership will be limited to those persons upon whom this organization wishes to confer special recognition but who will not have vote or voice in its affairs and who will not be required to pay dues or initiation fees.
Section 4: Active members are those whose dues are paid and are in good standing in the club.
Section 5: An inactive membership may be reinstated by reapplication, which must be passed by a majority vote at any regular meeting.

Section 1: The affairs of this organization are to be managed by a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary who shall be elected from the membership at large and who shall take office January 1. This group of officers shall also serve as members of the executive board of the club.

Section 1: Regular meetings of this organization will be held at the time and place agreed upon by the majority of the active members.
Section 2: Special meetings may be called by the President or upon request of one third or more members. The purpose of the meeting must be clearly stated in the notification. A special meeting may replace a regular meeting. Notice of a special meeting must be made to each member in good standing at least two days in advance.
Section 3: The annual meeting for the election of officers shall be held during the month of December.
Section 4: A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of those active members present.
Section 5: Unless otherwise specified in this Constitution or in the attached Bylaws, a simple majority shall decide all business.

Section 1: The board of this club shall consist of the elected officers as well as the program chairmen of all existing committees. This group shall manage the organization and meet, as necessary, between meetings.

Section 1: The standing committees of this organization to be established will be: Membership, Safety, Program, Dive, Publicity, Spearfishing Contest and Photography Contest.
Section 2: There will be a Safety Director, a Program Director, Dive Director and a Publicity Director appointed by the President. The VP will be the Membership Director.
Section 3: There will be a Spearfishing Contest Director and a Photography Contest Director who shall be elected by their respective committees.
Section 4: The committee directors may recruit active club members for their respective committees.
Section 5: The officers may create new committees, as they deem necessary for the welfare of the organization. Directors of said committees shall be appointed by the President.
Section 6: All committees will accept as members any member of the PGI Dive Club in good standing.

Section 1: The club shall operate under the RONR (Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised).

Section 1: This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the active members present or represented by a written proxy.
Section 2: No amendment shall be voted upon unless the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing to the secretary at least two weeks in advance of the meeting at which time it will be voted upon. The secretary will advise each active member in advance of the proposal.

Section 1: Membership dues shall be due by December 1. All new members shall be prorated per month beginning July 1.
Section 2: Dues shall be due on December 1. Any member more than thirty (30) days in arrears in payment of dues shall lose membership and all privileges and rights appertaining thereto.
Section 3: Reapplication, for inactive members wishing to activate their membership again, must be accompanied by a fee equal to the current year membership assessment.
Section 4: The executive board shall develop and approve a budget prior to November 1 to define the funds necessary to accomplish the objectives and discharge the expenses of this organization. The funds necessary shall be procured primarily by the membership dues; as well as any donations, fees, and voluntary contributions from its members or other individuals. Fund raising programs such as raffles and 50/50ís will be permitted as strictly voluntary member services. Special assessments shall be made by the executive board as deemed necessary upon the majority vote of the members.


President: Shall preside at all meetings of the organization and shall perform such other duties consistent with the office of president. The president shall provide the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association will an annual report from the dive club by the time requested from the association. The president shall also appoint the dive club committee directors and club parliamentarian.
Vice President: Shall exercise all functions of the president in his absence and shall be the director of the membership committee.
Treasurer: Shall receive and duly process all monies payable to or from the organization, keep all the financial records, and present the financial reports at each of the regular meetings. The treasurer must be prepared for an audit at any time, requested by the board or a majority of members present at a business meeting. The treasurer shall also provide the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association with a quarterly report of all financial matters with bank statements. The treasurer shall manage the payments of assessments to individual members for club activities in which they participate,--prior to such participation or procurement-- which includes, but is not limited to, such things as dives, field trips, purchase of club apparel, novelty items and social activities. Lastly the treasurer shall ensure that the PGICA tax free status is used appropriately according to the statutes.
Secretary: Shall maintain minutes of all meetings, copies of all meeting agendas, handle correspondence, and maintain an accurate membership list which shall be coordinated with the treasurer and publicity director for website purposes.
Parliamentarian: Appointed by the president to advise the president and comment on matters only if invited to speak by the presiding officer conducting the meeting. The parliamentarian does not exercise his/her right to make motions, debate or vote (except on ballot vote). The parliamentarian must remain impartial.


Dive Director: This committee shall coordinate club diving activities and he shall maintain an annual file of dive certification cards for the members as well as a liability release form from all of the members who participate in club sanctioned diving activities. Assessments to those members participating in any club dives will be coordinated with the club treasurer prior to any member participating in a dive where the club will incur a cost.
Safety Director: Shall actively promote diving safety and physical conditioning for safe diving.
Publicity Director: Shall make regular news releases to the local press and radio and TV stations pertaining to special occasions. He/she shall make the necessary arrangements to have suitable photographs taken for news and picture releases. The club newsletter and the club web site shall also fall under this committee. He/she shall coordinate all educational matters and public relations matters with the individuals in charge from the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association that may be newsworthy to and/or open for the general civic association membership, and/or the general public to attend.
Program Director: Shall arrange suitable educational, recreational, or entertainment programs for regular meetings.
Photography Contest Director: This committee will oversee the annual Photography contest. This is also where the responsibility for the rules for the annual Photography contest lay.
Spearfishing Contest Director: This committee will oversee the annual Spearfishing contest.

No officer may be elected for two consecutive terms in the same office or for more than two consecutive terms in any office, unless re-elected for subsequent terms by two-thirds majority of votes cast. Candidates will be nominated at the January meeting. Voting shall take place at the annual meeting, which shall be the February meeting, and shall be by secret ballot only. Nominations will not be accepted at that meeting unless a motion allowing nominations is passed by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting. If more than two persons are nominated for a single office, the election shall be decided by a plurality. If a candidate for any office is running unopposed at the time nominations are closed at the January meeting, that candidate will be considered elected and no election will be needed for that office. In all opposed races, ballots will be counted by two members who are not candidates for office. These members shall be appointed by the President. Write in votes will not be allowed. Only active members are eligible to vote or hold office. In the event an office becomes vacant during the term, the membership shall elect a member to fill the unexpired term. Nominations to fill the vacancy shall take place at the meeting immediately after any office becomes vacant. The election will be held immediately upon completion of nominations. All new officers will begin their terms with the March meeting.

Upon complaint of conduct on the part of any member, which might reflect unfavorably on the organization as a whole, said member may be expelled by majority vote of the active members present. Said member shall have the right to be heard in his/her own behalf. Upon demand of a minimum of fifty (50) percent of the active membership and upon a two-thirds vote of all active members, an officer may be removed from office. Said officer must have the right to speak in his own behalf.

Any officer missing two meetings in a row will be notified that unless he attends the next meeting, his office will be considered vacant. If there are extenuating circumstances, such as being a seasonal resident, a temporary officer may be elevated by majority vote, to serve until the absent officer is able to resume his duties.

Potential members must attend one (1) club business meeting before becoming eligible to apply for membership. Application shall be submitted in writing, on forms provided by the club, to the membership committee. If approved by the membership committee, the applicant will become a member upon receiving a majority vote of the active members at a business meeting.