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          Punta Gorda Isles Dive Club
          Dive Policy

General Policies
  1. All dive trips will be posted on the club calendar and announced at club meetings.

  2. Club members can sign up for an advertised dive as soon as advertisement of the dive is announced on a first come first served bases until the charter is filled. If more members wish to sign on to a filled dive, a wait list will be formed, in the order of requests received.

  3. If a trip fills up, any members on the wait list may be notified and can arrange for a second boat. The PGI Dive Club will not coordinate the second boat.

  4. Payment for dives must be paid in full within two weeks of the announcement advertisement to secure your spot/s on the trip. The payment should be delivered to the President or dive trip coordinator via mail, or in person. If payment is not paid within two weeks the spot/s may be forfeited and filled from the waiting list. These people from the waiting list will have one week to get their payments into the club President.

  5. Special dive trips will be dealt on a case by case basis.

  6. All fees are non refundable unless a qualified substitute is found. The person wanting off the trip must first contact the President to find a replacement from the waiting list. If there is no one on the waiting list, the person may find any club member as a replacement. If the trip has been opened to non-members, the replacement may be a non-member. In no case may the waiting list be bypassed.

  7. After giving members two weeks to sign up for a club trip, a trip may be opened up to non-members if their are five or more openings on the trip. If there are four or fewer openings on the trip, non-members will be eligible to sign up for trips four weeks after the trip was opened to members.

  8. The club will charter the entire boat when feasible.

  9. The sole function of the club will be to arrange club discounts and/or negotiate charter fees.

  10. The policies of the dive operation and/or charter, including, but not limited to, certification required, will apply to all scheduled dives. Divers shall adhere to the dive profiles as set forth by the diver operation and/or charter.

  11. Weekend charter trips will be for the entire weekend, not just parts of the weekend. If the club is diving for 2 days over the weekend, all participating members will dive for both days. If the trip is not full and the club does not charter the entire boat, members wishing to dive one of the days will be directed to contact the charter company directly.

  12. Each diver on a club dive will be required to fill out and sign a PGI Dive Club waiver of liability to absolve the dive club from any responsibility. There will be no exceptions. Only one waiver will be required per calendar year, per person. It is up to each diver to dive safely and responsibly within their own limits, including but not limited to physical ability, certification levels, training, and experience.

  13. For each club dive, the dive coordinator, or their appointee, will be the sole contact for any club member in regards to questions or possible dive requests. Under no circumstances will any member directly contact the dive operation and/or charter personally, or as representing PGI Dive Club, regarding changes to the club dive, or requests. The dive coordinator will be the point of contact for any such requests.