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PGI Dive Club Minutes of April 15, 2010
Name tags distributed, new members completed applications prior to the meeting being called to order. Our meeting was called to order at @ 7:00 PM.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from 3/18/2010 were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance in our club checking account was $144.00. Payment to Frank Panhuise of $23.07 for office supplies was made. Two Wachovia Visa debit cards in the name of PGI Dive Club were delivered for the Treasurer and President to use for club business, such as club bills (website hosting) and dive charter payments. Treasurer’s report was approved.

New members: VP Karan Beezley introduced two new members to the club: Bob Peterson (Dive Master and Asst. Instructor) and Connie Kantor (Scuba Diver). Connie’s husband James will also be a non-diving member, and Bob’s wife Catherine is Scuba Diver certified.

Old Business: Logo design was addressed by Vanessa Cournoyer…she will have about 3 designs ready for us to choose from at our May meeting (she will get together with Skip Reed to put together our logo options). Eligibility for membership in the dive club also requires membership in the civic association. Individuals must own or rent in PGI to be members of this club. Website is to be operational by next week, our website address is www.pgidiveclub.com . Bob Peterson informed us that we need to have our website linked to the PGICA website by contacting Betty Cochran, who is the civic association webmaster. Copies of the club constitution and by laws, and the diving waiver form were distributed. Members are to go over the constitution for discussion of its contents by our next meeting. The waiver form may need approval by the civic association’s attorney. We should look at getting the constitution adopted by our May or June meeting. We will discuss its contents at our May meeting.

New Business: Dive certification card copies were collected, everyone should bring a copy of their highest diving certification and nitrox (if applicable) for club files. A separate meeting of those interested in serving on our club dive committee will be held to go over dive scheduling for the upcoming year before our next regularly scheduled club meeting in May. All members are welcome to participate on this committee. Another committee for the club, a Program committee is needed, to set up programs and speakers for the club meetings. Bob Peterson volunteered to deliver a program on Fish identification of common fish seen in our waters at our June 17th meeting. We also briefly touched on the possibility of a Memorial day Beach dive party. Members were encouraged to forward diving pictures to our webmaster, Doug Jones, for inclusion to our website.

Diving: Dive opportunities still exist for members to go on charters from Key Largo and Fort Myers Beach. Frank has sent out emails addressing these dives. Nitrox classes and Advanced classes are available and recommended for anyone interested in continuing education. Links to local dive shops offering instruction will be on the website.

Program: Frank presented a brief program, in preparation of our upcoming beach dive in Venice, on how to conduct a beach dive searching for shark tooth fossils. He also had many shark teeth fossils to show and pass around to the members. Members were provided directions to the dive as well as tips on what to bring with them, especially buddy lines, dive flags, and tooth collection bags.

Next meeting is Thursday May 20th.

Meeting adjourned at 8 PM.