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PGI Dive Club Minutes of May 20, 2010

Due to being locked out, of the association bldg., we had our first “al fresco” meeting down at the club picnic tables and enjoyed the nice evening breezes! Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from 4/15/ were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: We collected $75.00 (5 new people) in dues at our April meeting. We paid GoDaddy.com $84.80 for hosting our website for two years. Balance in our account is $111.13. Bergie, our treasurer, will be gone for cooler weather up North, in his interim, Barbara will be presenting the Treasurer’s report also.

Membership: We had one new member at this meeting. We welcome Tracy Jones to our group. Tracy is a certified scuba diver with nitro certification also. In addition to Tracy, we collected membership dues from one other individual who was away “cruising the Bahamas”, for the last couple of months. We now have 19 paid members in the club, which includes two who paid this evening.

Old Business: Bergie asked about the status of some of the individuals who had expressed interest in our club, and have not yet attended. Frank will follow up on them with emails to ascertain their interest. The club decided to go with the new logo, as designed by a graphic artist, which has three colors, our name, website address, and a diver on it. We can take this logo to Buffalo Graphics to get novelty items, banners, etc. made. Frank will inquire about costs of these items. Frank described the entire club website and how the calendar link worked. Frank also asked for copies of everyone‘s “C” cards again for our club files.

New Business: Vanessa Cournoyer discussed the Epcot dive she did with another dive club, and how she will dig into what the costs will be if some of our members are interested. Frank passed around a birthday list for everyone, so we can put these dates on our annual calendar. Venice Beach dive is on for Saturday, May 29 @ 9AM at the Alhambra Ave. site.

Program: Constitution & By Laws were presented by Frank, changes were requested and Frank will update and revise the document to be voted on and approved in June .

Dive Schedule: We will be setting up a club boat dive charter for June somewhere locally for a Gulf dive. Frank will email everyone once this is done and find out who wants to participate in this dive. Vanessa will look into diving at Looe Key for the club and report back next month. Vanessa Cournoyer, Eddie Beezley, and Skip Reed have volunteered to help with our dive committee in pursuing other charter opportunities.

Next Meeting: June 17th with a REEF program for fish identification being conducted by Bob Peterson. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.