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PGI Dive Club Minutes of June 17, 2010

Our meeting was called to order at 7 PM.

Secretary's Report: Minutes from 5/20 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer's Report: Our last balance was $141.13, we collected $30.00 in dues and had no expenses. Our new balance is now $171.13. The club will be deciding on taking on purchases from Gulf coast Engraving for magnetic nametags and from Buffalo Graffix for assorted garments and possibly a club banner.

Membership: We had no new members at our May meeting.

Old Business: The Constitution and By-Laws were finally accepted and approved by unanimous vote of those in attendance. This document will be given to the Civic Association for their files. Vanessa was not in attendance so her dive info for Looe Key and Epcot will be shared at our next dive club meeting. Frank reported on another local dive boat charter, "The Big Flat Top", out of Englewood Royal Palm Marina. He will be sending out an email to ascertain any interest by the club members in chartering the boat in July for a local Gulf dive trip. "C" cards were collected from members who brought them. The June 19th dive charter to local waters was cancelled due to lack of interest.

New Business: Anyone interested in doing Bonaire September 4-11 contact Frank. There is still time for $ to be paid to secure a week with our trip. Frank announced that for the next meeting of our club we will travel to Fantasea Scuba in Port Charlotte --on the fourth Thursday (July 22) of the month for a Lobster workshop in preparation for next months' state sportsman's mini season. Time for this event is 6 PM at Fantasea Scuba. The regular 3rd Thursday meeting of our club will not be held at the civic association. Frank investigated getting permanent magnetic name tags from Gulf coast Engraving. With our names and club logo the cost will be about $7 each with a minimum order of 20 tags. Frank also visited Buffalo Graffix to discuss the making of a vinyl club banner. Prices ranged from $90 for banners 2 ' X 6' or $126.00 for a 3' X 7' banner. We will hold off until September to decide on these issues when more members return from being away.

Dive Reports: Frank reported on a dive that he and Skip Reed participated in out on the Bayronto, a freighter wreck in 100' of water 35 miles off Boca Grande. This trip is well worth the long boat ride to get out there. Check our website for a full report with pictures.

Upcoming Dives: Monthly Venice Beach dive will be Saturday, July 17th at the Alhambra Ave. location at 9 AM. Possibly the Big Flat Top charter will also be scheduled, look for emails about this trip.

Program: Bob Peterson presented a very nice program for about 40 minutes on the REEF Fish Identification Program. He described and showed us a nice video presentation of how fish are identified by markings and what groups of fish we would be seeing in local Caribbean and Gulf waters, and went on to show about 30-40 abundant species. At the end of the presentation he measured our retention of his "lesson" with a brief video fish ID quiz--all in good fun! It was a nice presentation and he is willing to do it again when more club members may be here to enjoy it. Thanks so much for your great presentation, Bob!

Next Meeting: July 22nd at Fantasea Scuba at 6 PM for the Lobster Workshop. Our next club meeting at the association building will be the 3rd Thursday of August, (August 19th) at 7 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.