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Minutes of Meeting 7/21/2010

Our club meeting this month was held at Fantasea Scuba in Port Charlotte where the owner, Jim Joseph, held his annual lobster seminar. With the upcoming Florida Mini Season coming next week, this seminar was open to the public as a public service to educate potential lobster hunters to the techniques, equipment, laws, and tricks of the trade in lobstering for scuba divers.

We enjoyed a professionally produced DVD which explained many do’s and don’ts in lobstering by scuba. Everything from the types of nets, bags, tickle sticks, snares, and how to catch, clean, and protect yourself as you hunt these tasty crustaceans was explained. Emphasis on safety was also addressed, since the monitoring of air consumption is necessary as divers become distracted with the hunt.

After the DVD Jim Joseph, discussed the equipment divers can buy to be successful and then reinforced FWC game laws about saltwater fishing licenses and specialty stamps for crawfish which divers need to harvest lobsters. Jim also discussed the nuances of the game laws of the state of Florida as they pertain to lobstering and emphasized the differences between the whole state and what is allowed in Monroe County, the Florida Keys.

After the presentation a few of our members purchased necessary equipment from the dive shop so they would be ready for next weeks’ upcoming mini season.

The presentation began about 6:30 PM and concluded about 8 PM.

Our next regular club meeting will be held back at the civic association at 7PM on the third Thursday of August. August 19th.