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Minutes of Meeting 9/16/2010

Our meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from 8/19 were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Our current balance is 216.13. We had not outstanding bills or income from August . Treasurer’s report was approved.

Membership: No new members were in attendance. We welcomed back Mitch Miller from his summer stay in NY.

Old Business: Keys Dive Weekend: Vanessa provided us with information about operators with which we may dive in the Keys for our Nov. 6th & 7th weekend. We decided to go to Key Largo which will be the closest destination, and about a 3-3 ½ hr. drive. Vanessa will be checking with Horizon Divers and Ocean Divers and a couple others in order to ascertain prices, and availability for snorkelers. We are estimating each day of diving to run each diver around $80, and about $35 for snorkelers. Once we ascertain exact prices, all monies for reservations must be mailed to Frank Panhuise @ 3924 Crooked Island Drive, PG, FLA. 33950 ASAP before the October meeting. Frank will put out an information email to everyone explaining the cost and procedure. EPCOT Dive (Saturday, January 15th or 22nd) Any members interested in this dive we will need deposits in ASAP in order to process reservations. Cost for this adventure should be about $125 per diver. If we get 12 divers, we may get the cost down to around $85 each. The maximum allowable amount of divers would be 17. This trip would also be open to outsiders of our club. The program would begin at 6:30 PM and last for a couple of hours, culminating in about a 45 minute dive. All equipment except your own dive mask would be supplied by Disney. Disney will need a copy of your “C” card. Frank will put an email out about this as soon as information gets to him from Vanessa.

New Business: Membership Cards were made by Marilyn Jorgenson and passed out to those in attendance. Our Dive Club Brochure was shown by Frank. He will work on getting it produced, hopefully before the Nov. 1 civic association’s Carnival of Clubs affair. Members are asked to be there to represent our club. Our club’s Holiday Social should be discussed at our next meeting, where, when and how much interest is there for this. We also discussed Community Service as an aspect of our clubs mission. We should involve ourselves in something for the community. Bob Peterson mentioned the possibility of participating in the annual Boca Grand Pass cleanup done by divers from the area. Anyone else with ideas should bring them up at future meetings.

Dive Reports: Frank and Barbara spoke about their recent trip to Bonaire. Unfortunately, we could not show pictures of our adventure at this meeting, since the Coast Guard Auxiliary were using the lap top projector at their meeting. We will prepare a video presentation of our Bonaire dive adventure for the October meeting.

Upcoming Dives: The next club dive will be at Venice Beach on Saturday, September 18 from 9 AM-2PM @ the Alhambra St. site. Bring two tanks for diving and plan to eat lunch on the beach. The trip to Key Largo will be on November 6 & 7. Disney Quest dive at EPCOT will be either January 15th or 22nd.

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 21 @ 7 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.