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Minutes of Meeting 10/21/2010

Our meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from 8/19 were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Our current balance is $749.70. Several bills for payment were paid to Keys Dive and Snorkel Center ($643.80), Disney Dive Quest ($1251.38), and to Harbor Press Printing ($95.00). We have an outstanding bill due to Keys Dives and Snorkel Center for $643.80 for the November dive in Key Largo due when we actually go on the trip. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Membership: Four new members were in attendance. We welcomed George and Shelley Vincent and Ken and Connie Bowling to our club.

Old Business: Still looking for “C” Cards from members who have not yet submitted copies to the club. Key Largo Dive Weekend: Vanessa provided us with information about the trip which we will dive on the weekend of Nov. 6th & 7th. EPCOT Dive (Saturday, January 22nd . This trip is full with a waiting list of another four divers for another possible trip TBA. Our group decided to go with the white membership name tags, and we will be putting in an order with Coastal Engraving for the group with the fees to be tacked onto next years’ membership dues in January. Vanessa, Denis, Barbara and Frank will have a table set up for the Dive Club at the annual PGICA Carnival of clubs on Nov. 1. Barbara collected additional Disney Dive Quest money from assessed members as well as pro rated dues from new members in attendance.

New Business: Frank and Barbara will not be at the November meeting. Vanessa and Karan will be furnished with an agenda prepared by Frank for the meeting. Topics will include among other things our dive club budget, dues structure and officer election process for this upcoming January’s new year. Vanessa reported that Key Dives and Snorkel Center presented our club with a Buy One get one free certificate which the club must decide what we do with it; this will also be a topic for the November meeting agenda. We took a dive club picture to be sent to the civic association for their annual Carnival of Clubs program. We will begin a preliminary discussion for a club dive schedule for next year at the November meeting. Frank discussed a discussion also be included about a possible Caribbean Dive trip sometime either next year or 2012 at the latest. Membership Cards were given to our four new members in attendance. Our Dive Club Brochure was distributed to all by Frank. Our club’s Holiday Social should be discussed at our next meeting, where, when and how much interest is there for this. Frank will send out an email to alert members to this social possibility. Frank reminded everyone to check out the dive calendar on the website for plenty of local diving opportunities in November. Vanessa sold a few raffle tickets for an underwater camera from the Bottom Time Dive Club.

The November meeting will also discuss whether our club will or will not have it’s meeting on December 16th, the 3rd Thursday of the month -- due to the Holidays.

Upcoming Dives: The trip to Key Largo will be on November 6 & 7. Disney Quest dive at EPCOT will be January 22nd.

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 18 @ 7 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.