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Minutes of Meeting 11/18/2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Secretary's report: Minutes from 10/21 were read and approved.

Treasurer's report: We have a dive club balance of $1454.75 which includes a $643.80 deposit refund from Keys Dive and Snorkel due to the trip cancellation. This refund will be paid back dive club members when Frank returns after Thanksgiving.

The treasurer's report was approved.

Membership: Two new members, Barbers Koss and Paul Joly, were introduced and welcomed. Dues for the balance of the year ($5 each) were collected from them.

Old Business: Karan reminded us that name tags would be ordered and the fee would be included in next year's dues. Copies of C cards were collected from several members.

New Business: Frank would like anyone interested in holding an officer's position to let him know. Karan said Frank and Barbara are happy to turn over the club to new officers but she felt they would be willing to continue if no one else is interested in the position. Frank indicated we are looking for a year-round treasurer.

The budget item of $200 for a banner was discussed and approved.

It was agreed that the December meeting would be a combined meeting and social. Vanessa offered to host the event at her house on Sat., Dec. 18th at 1 PM. She asked everyone to bring a dish and their own wine if they want it. She will post directions to her house.

Vanessa reported that we had a table at the Carnival of Clubs meeting. She said she put together small packets containing brochures from the Keys and Epcot dives and several people stopped by and picked up information.

The January Disney dive is full but a second dive has been scheduled for March 12th and there are 2 slots remaining. Vanessa described the dive for new members.

We discussed the Key Dives and Snorkel Center gift certificate and decided it should be used for fund raising. We decided to put it on hold for now.

Karan reported that Frank has guest speakers lined up for the January and February meetings to discuss the invasion of the Lionfish and fossil hunting. She also said Frank is looking for suggestions for speakers and non-diving trips. He suggested Mote Marine and the hyperbaric chamber in Ft. Myers. There was some interest in the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and we discussed the possibility of making it a week-end trip. Vanessa will look into it for us. We also discussed re-scheduling the Keys trip. Vanessa suggested a tentative club trip schedule of the hyperbaric chamber in February, the second Disney dive in March, an Atlanta trip in April, and the Keys in May. Since the membership thins out in the summer local diving was suggested for those month.

We began discussing a Caribbean trip and Karan thought November could be a good time. It would be after hurricane season yet in the low season for most destinations. We talked about several options a live-aboard, a cruise, or a resort. Although there was some interest in the live-aboard we agreed that wouldn't be ideal for our non-dive members. Vanessa asked for any and all suggestions and said she'd post a list of possibilities and ask for general input.

Next meeting: Saturday, December 18th at 1 PM at Vanessa's.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.