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Minutes of Meeting 1/20/2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.

Program: Betty Staugler, Charlotte County Sea Grant Agent of the University of Florida, provided us all with an informative presentation about the intrusion of the Lionfish into our local waters. Her audio visual presentation was interesting and educational. We will have her back in the future for additional lectures.

Secretary's report: Minutes from 11/18 were read and approved.

Treasurer's report: December’s balance was $438.75. We had $348 in deposits from December and $1,270 in expenditures. We have a dive club balance of $47.03 after paying for name tags and the club banner thus far in January. Many members still owe their 2011 dues. The treasurer's report was approved.

Membership: New member Pat Kosiba was introduced (as well as Gary Gaddy in abstentia.)

Old Business: Vanessa provided some last minute instructions, maps and we watched some Disney Dive Quest video to prepare those going on the weekends’ trip to EPCOT. We have 14 divers attending this first of two trips to the Living Seas. Frank showed the new club banner to everyone for the first time and announced in came in under budget. All members received their new magnetic nametags and 2011 membership cards. Our clubs’ first anniversary is next month. We have come a long way. Dues for 2011 are due at tonight’s meeting. Dues are still $15 annually; our bulk nametag order created a $7 fee for old members to buy our new nametags. Members are to wear these at all club meetings. As additional new members come into the club the nametag fees will increase slightly since Gulfcoast Engraving charges more for smaller quantities. This charge should be under $10 per individual nametag. Club officer elections will be held at February’s meeting. Waivers and “C” Cards are still needed from some members.

New Business: Nominations for club officers were discussed. Denis Cournoyer has volunteered to be our next treasurer, replacing Bergie, secretary will be Barbara Panhuise, Vice President will be Karan Beezley, and Frank Panhuise will return as President for 2011. Since these are the only nominations, the actual election will be a brief procedural process for the February meeting. The club decided not to charge non club members a higher fee for diving on our club charters since when they participate and help us fill up the boat on our club dives and keep members’ costs down. Frank discussed the need for the club to develop some dive policies, like when we open up a dive to non members, and will set up a committee to come up with something. Karan presented some ideas about having a few scheduled social get togethers annually. A committee will be formed to do this. Frank is also going to form a committee to plan club programs, speakers, and trips. Anyone wishing to serve on any club committees should inform Frank. Fred Hannon, vice commodore of the Isles Yacht Club will speak about his experiences from the early days of diving in a presentation about diving then and now. John Jorgensen provided our club with addition 2011 membership cards, thanks for Marilyn Jorgensen for producing them.

Website: Doug Jones is continuing to improve and maintain the website, any suggestions for improvement just speak up and ask.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 17, at 7 P.M.