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Minutes of Meeting 2/17/2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.

Program: Fred Hannon presented a very interesting and educational presentation on his experiences in diving from his start in 1961 with recreational diving up through his career as a charter captain and ultimately through his many years of commercial diving. He brought in several mementos of diving in the “old” days. Our thanks to him and to Barbe Koss for arranging this presentation.

Secretary's report: Minutes from 1/20 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer's report: Our closing balance for January was 225.56. We collected $17 in raffle money, $60 dollars in dues money and $34 dollars for new member nametags. The treasurer's report was approved.

Membership: No new members were present. We had 3 interested visitors.

Old Business: All members going on the March 12 dive must have their waivers signed. Frank will send out an email with instructions for all those attending this trip. Only two members from last year still owe dues, they may not be rejoining. We currently have 30 paid club members this year.

New Business: Officers for 2011 were elected. Officers are the same except for Denis Cournoyer is our new club treasurer. Website expense for hosting this year will be $85.71. Skip Reed passed out a survey to get a feel for what type of dive destinations and diving the club wants to pursue this year. Vanessa will set up the Key Largo dive for early April. Information about this dive will be disseminated via email from Frank as soon as possible to the club members. Frank, Skip Reed, Bob Peterson will also be coordinating dive trips for the year. Anyone else who wished to coordinate a trip may contact Frank. Karan spoke about the upcoming St. Patty’s Day social. Frank will send out emails to club members about this as soon as Karan gets info to him. Members are requested to bring an appetizer. The club will buy beer and the members can bring anything else they may want to drink to the party. The party will be either outside under the gazebo, or inside on the dance floor area of the main hall at the civic association. Any one with ideas or who wants to help should call Karan. We sold raffle tickets for the 2 tank dive with Keys Dive and Snorkel. Tickets will be sold through the April meeting. We will draw the winning ticket at the end of the April meeting. We will begin selling the 50/50 tickets at our St. Patty's Party.

Next meeting: Thursday, March 17, at 7 P.M. for a club St. Patty’s Party. The meeting was adjourned at 9 P.M.