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Minutes of Meeting 1/26/2012

Our meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from 10/20/11 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Refunds from the Boynton Beach dive were made in the amount of $2016.00 Our current balance is $233.03, which includes $175 membership dues for 2012. We have had no current bills Treasurer’s report was approved.

Membership: One prospective member was in attendance.

Old Business: Dues for 2012 are due tonight. We began nominations for officer positions. Skip Reed volunteered to serve as our new treasurer. Frank, Karan, and Barbara are willing to continue in their office positions.

New Business: Our one year contract with GoDaddy.com is expiring. Doug Jones, club webmaster, informed us that we could get a two year deal with GoDaddy.com to host our club website in the amount of $181.00 which would save us $24.00 in the long run. This expenditure was approved by the members. He will contact GoDaddy to arrange this payment in early February.

Connie presented information on a club trip to the Florida Aquarium, Vanessa presented information on a club trip to Disney’s Dive Quest at EPCOT, and Frank presented information on snorkeling with the manatees in the Crystal River and a drift dive on the Rainbow River. An email will be sent out to all members to ascertain interest in any of these dives for February, March or April.

Frank informed the members that there would be an open house of a new hyperbaric chamber facility on February 2 at the Cypress Professional Center on Olympia Ave.

Skip Reed presented info for buying new shirts and hats from Buffalo Graffix again. The idea of wearing PGI Dive club items will assist in advertising our clubs’ existence. Minimum orders and approximate pricing were explained. Prices were reasonable and he proposed selling the items for a couple dollars over costs to members to build up the treasury a bit.

Vanessa requested we discuss another club social event for March. We will do this at our February meeting.

Karan reminded me to ask the members for ideas about any possible speakers who could come out to our club meetings. Members may contact Frank with any suggestions.

Connie would like to see our club offer CPR again this year.

Upcoming Dives: Key Largo dive will be April 28th and 29th, those interested in going should pay for the trip ASAP. A club deposit of 50% is due to Keys Dive and Snorkel of Key Largo for this trip.

Next Meeting: Thursday, February 23rd @ 7 PM

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.