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Minutes of Meeting 2/23/2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:03pm.

Skip Reed presided in Frank Panhuise's absence; Connie Bowling acted as secretary in Barb Panhuise's absence (both out of state).

Secretary's Report: Minutes from the 1/26/2012 meeting were read and approved with no corrections.

Treasurer's Report: Current balance is $914.36.

- Expenditures: $700= deposit on April Key Largo dives
$133.67= 2 year renewal to GoDaddy.com (less than the expected $181.00 reported last meeting)
- Revenue: $1,170.00=deposits from members for the April Key Largo dives
$ 50.00=member dues received
Treasurer's report approved without corrections.

Membership: One new member present, Tony Ciampa. He introduced himself and gave a brief overview of his diving; members greeted and welcomed him.

Old Business: Officer positions were reviewed and approved unanimously
- Frank Panhuise, President
- Karan Beezley: Vice President
- Barbara Panhuise: Secretary
- Skip Reed: Treasurer

A CPR course will be offered on 2/28/2012 at the PGICA from 1230p-430p. It is the last class available, and cost is $32.00. Must register at least a week before the class. Subsequent classes offered at PGICA after the expiration of the 2 year certification will be offered at a discounted rate.

A friendly reminder, membership dues for 2012 are due now; only a few haven't paid.
Skip Reed briefly discussed the sale of dive club logo coffee cups and t-shirts. There was some membership interest in hats/caps. See Skip after the meeting if you are interested in purchasing a coffee mug for $12.84/each.
There are 10 divers and one "bubble watcher" signed up for the April 28-29 Key Largo dives. All are paid but 2 divers.

New Business: The Florida Aquarium, Disney and Crystal/Rainbow River dives are all cancelled. There wasn't enough interest to book them. Bergie Bergman brought up a concern about membership in the club. He was concerned that we were losing membership. Members participated in an open discussion, discussing some ideas. Tonights meeting was missing some regular members due to special family circumstances, but it wasn't typical of recent meetings.

March meeting: a discussion of a having a social event instead of the regular meeting was well received by the group. Instead of having a social at someone's house, ideas presented included:
- A BBQ/picnic at Gilchrist Park
- Picnic at History Park
- Social time and a burger at the Slip-Knot Lounge (lots of interest)
Preferences should be emailed to Frank Panhuise. It was agreed that having the social on the same night as the regular meeting (3/22/2012) was a good date.

A suggestion was made that the dive club website maintain a list of divers going on dive trips. It would be helpful to other members to see who was going, for carpooling, etc. Doug Jones, webmaster, said it was possible to do. (Frank, let's discuss…I think it should be accessible only by members signing in)

Dive Calendar
- Key Largo Dives April 28th and 29th. There is still room for more divers. If interested, contact Frank Panhuise and pay for this trip ASAP.
- Venice Beach Dives: these monthly dives will begin April 21, and are the 3rd Saturday of each month. No charge, and diving is 18'-22'. Contact Frank Panhuise if interested.
- Lobster Dive: Fantasea Scuba Dive Shop is hosting a dive on March 31st, the last day of lobster season. This drift dive is in Pompano Beach; cost is $55 for a morning and afternoon (2 tank) dive. If using a credit card, cost is $57.00, plus tax. Tanks and air not included (bring your own, or rent from Fantasea Dive, or the dive shop in Pompano. Must have a fishing license with a lobster stamp if you are lobstering. There are 20+ spots and plenty of space available. Transportation to Pompano is on your own. Must have Open Water certification; diving is inside the 3rd reef line. Dives are not lead by a divemaster. It is recommended you have a signaling device, and at minimum a sausage.

The meeting adjourned at 740pm.