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PGI Dive Club Minutes of May 24, 2012
The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

Secretary's Report: Minutes from the 4/26/2012 meeting were read and approved with no corrections.

Treasurer's Report: Current balance is $616.01 after paying for the Key Largo trip. Treasurer's report approved without corrections.

Membership: Two new members present; Marilyn Boehm and John Neely.

Old Business: Frank addressed the local PGI diver who was not a member, who died in a diving accident up at Venice Beach. Frank reinforced the necessity up in Venice of having dive flags and buddy lines due to low visibility. He then reviewed the article that was in Alert Diver addressing the "aging diver". All members need to fill out dive waivers each year, if you haven't done one for 2012, come up after the meeting to fill one out. Dues are due for members who have not paid for 2012. New members also need to supply us with a photocopy of their "C" cards. Connie Bowling reported on how much fun our dive club team had at the PGICA trivia night and thanked those who participated. Frank reminded the members that our club and the Singles Club are hosting the Sept. 19th Backyard BBQ for PGICA's 50th Anniversary. Members need to sign up at the front desk of PGICA and pay $5.00 each. We need workers to set up and clean up with the Singles Club.

New Business: The club has a credit for diving with Keys Dive from the cancellation of the 2nd day of diving due to bad weather during the April trip. We will use this credit on our next trip with them this summer. Those who cannot attend who have credit will be reimbursed from the club from money collected from the divers who attend the summer dive. This amounts to $65.00 credit or reimbursement towards the next dive trip with this operator. Bob and Cate Peterson are interesting in lionfish hunting and offered their boat to take divers out to kill these predators. The trip will be Saturday, June 30. Members who wish to go need to email Frank. Uwe brought up the idea of our club buying a first aid kit to take on dives. We will discuss this at our next meeting.

Dive Calendar: Connie Bowling wants us to keep in mind the possibility of going over to dive the Blue Heron Bridge maybe this summer. Check Fantasea Scuba's website for local charters for Gulf diving. The next Venice Beach dive will be the 3rd Saturday in June.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM