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PGI Dive Club Minutes of September 27, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Skip Reed (President Frank Panhuise is out of town)

Secretary's Report: Minutes from the 8/23/12 meeting were read and approved with no corrections.

Treasurer's Report: Balance will be $641.68 after we pay for the October trip. We still have credit with Keys Dive and Snorkel in Key Largo for ll divers for one Sunday trip. Club treasurer's report was approved as read.

Membership: Two new potential members were in attendance, Gary Gunsher and Jerry Haller. Both were introduced and welcomed.

Old Business:

There are currently 8 divers signed up/paid for the Key Largo dives on October 27th and 28th. Two more non-members plan to join that trip and will promptly send money to Skip Reed (guests of Mark Anderson).

An agenda item from the last meeting was discussed by all present concerning membership dues for the dive club. It was unanimously voted to keep the dues at the current rate of $25/person/year. Consensus was that having a reserve to make trip deposits, plan social events, etc., made the current membership fee a better option now, rather than decreasing the amount. It was also recommended by the members that new members joining during the year should pay a prorated quarterly fee for the remainder of the year. The $10 name tag fee for new members would stay the same.

The PGICA Backyard BBQ on September 19th was well attended and successful. The dive club co-sponsored the event with the Singles Club. Thanks to all volunteers for the event.

New Business:

Frank Panhuise attended the President's Council of PGICA on 9/25/12. Details of the November 17th "Harbor Happening" in Laishley and Gilchrist parks were discussed. Panhuise suggested the dive club have a booth and hand out fliers about the PGI Dive Club. There was discussion about eligibility for membership in the club requiring PGICA membership, and how would non-PGI residents/members be handled at the booth since the event is open to the public. The membership felt that the club had been open about inviting non-members to fill out trips, and that could be how non-residents could be approached. They also might be added to the club email list. Mark Anderson has a canopy for a booth that he is willing to loan for the day. Several members are out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, but Carol Ritter, Dennis and Vanessa Cournoyer volunteered to help man the booth (1-2 hour shifts). Panhuise will send an email to solicit more club volunteers. Panhuise requested a volunteer to help him design a brochure, and Connie Bowling will assist. Rain date for the event will be November 18th.

The November meeting falls on Thanksgiving, so will discuss date change at next meeting.

Annual Christmas club party: will discuss a possible date at the October meeting. We will need a volunteer home. There was discussion about possibly trying to coordinate it with the PGI boat parade if someone has a house on the route

October meeting: this meeting will be held in the auditorium, and is open to members and non-members. Mike Campbell, Seniour Environmental Specialist Lee County Department of Natural Resources-Marine Division will be speaking about the sinking of the 165' USCG cutter "Mohawk," which was sunk on July 2nd, 30 miles off of Sanibel. Please make a special effort to attend this meeting, and bring friends/neighbors.

Dive Calendar: Club dive in Key Largo on October 27th and 29th. The boat will hold 18 people, so please contact Panhuise ASAP if interested. Cost is $165/diver for 2 days/4 tank dives. Reservations at the Holiday Inn are available at a reduced rate for divers on this trip.

Next Meeting: October 25th in the auditorium. Meeting was adjourned at 7:35pm.