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PGI Dive Club Minutes of February 26, 2015
Meeting began at 7 pm.

New member in attendance was Terry Rushing. Currently we have 40 members in the club.

We had a presentation from Richard Black about his Florida Dive Connection program and website.

Treasurer's report: We had $1914.11 in our treasury with no outstanding bills.

Frank thanked several members for volunteering for special civic association function.

Frank noted that the website has a link for used dive equipment for sale if any members need dive equipment, check the website.

The Tiki Hut socials are held every second Tuesday of the month at 5:30.

Dive schedule: April 24, 25, & 26 dive trip to Riviera Beach. Contact Frank if interested. Non-members allowed to sign up if room available on the boat.

St. Croix trip leaves April 26, if interested contact Ken Bowling.

Venice Beach dives begin in April, on the 11th at Alhambra Rd.

Mike Dougherty gave a dive report about his trip to Jupiter.

Meeting ended at 8:30pm.