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PGI Dive Club Minutes of August, 2017

New Members: No New Members

Treasurer Report:
Current Balance: $1185.83
Income: (T-Shirts)$48.00

Social Calendar:
The social event at Beef O Brady’s on Aug. 17th had 11 participants; all had a great time and great meals
Xmas Party on Dec. 9th and we need a host for this event
Tiki Hut socials: Sept 14th, Oct 12th

Past Dives: Mike Dougherty and Jay Brewer did a recon dive in Jupiter aboard the Kyalami and saw six Giant Goliath Groupers, 3 turtles and numerus Sharks
Jon Kline did some diving in the Keys and saw Sharks and had a great dive on the Spiegel Grove

Future Dives: A dive is being arranged in Jupiter on the Kyalami for the 28th and the 29th of September divers can dive ether day or both days.

Announcements: We are looking into setting up a Facebook Page for the club.