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          Punta Gorda Isles Dive Club
          Dive Trip Policy

  1. Dive trips are organized by dive club members who volunteer to do the footwork to set up different dives following the general policy set by the club. Each dive coordinator will fill out a PGI Dive Club Dive Coordinator Checklist for their respective planned dive and give a copy of it to the President by the date established by the President.

  2. Dive coordinators and their dive buddy, if applicable, are automatically the first and second members signed up for the dive they plan. The dive coordinator must notify the President of the identity of their buddy for the trip. This notification must be made before the trip is full.

  3. All scheduled dives must have all the information on the dive coordinator checklist filled out by the date established by the President for advertising the dive.

  4. Dive coordinators shall schedule and confirm that the dive is on the operator's calendar, and provide this information to the President by the date established by the President. Should this not happen, this date will be considered open, and an alternate dive will be available to be scheduled.

  5. Any changes in a dive once scheduled must be brought to the attention of the President.

  6. It is the policy of the PGI Dive Club not to pay any deposits in excess of $100 to dive operators for scheduled trips prior to eight weeks before the trip. If an exception is warranted, it must be approved by the President and Officers.

  7. It is the policy of the PGI Dive Club not to pay any non-refundable deposits. All deposits must be refundable with a two week notice of cancellation.

  8. The President will maintain a binder with photocopies of diver certification cards and signed waivers. Each diver who participates in a club dive must provide a copy of their certification card to the President before participating in a club dive (front and back if applicable). Copies of DAN insurance cards as well as Nitrox certification cards should also be submitted to the President.

  9. Copies of members certication cards will accompany the dive coordinator or President on all club trips.